Swiss Representation and Distribution

Integrated Representation Services for Foreign Investment Funds

in Switzerland  

Carnegie Fund Services (CFS) provides integrated representation services for foreign investment funds distributed to qualified investors and non-qualified investors in Switzerland. Our representation services include, among others, the application and the maintenance of FINMA authorisation of UCITS funds for distribution to all types of investors, the establishment and the maintenance of the representation of AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds) for distribution to qualified investors in Switzerland, including the negotiation and the execution of distribution agreements, the monitoring of distributors, the distribution support and the CFS Market Radar service.    

Our fully integrated Swiss representation services ensure:

  • the benefits of a longstanding expertise;
  • increased efficiency;
  • a single point of contact; 
  • high-quality service. 

As your Swiss representative, we must ensure that the funds we represent are fully compliant with Swiss law and regulations

Owned by the management, Carnegie Fund Services is wholly independent.

To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not sell our clients’ funds. 

The timeline and work-flow necessary to enable distribution of your funds in Switzerland depend on their structure (i.e. UCITS, AIF, etc.) and on the type of transaction (i.e. onboarding of a new structure, change of Swiss representative etc.).

Example 1: Timeline and workflow to establish Swiss representation for a UCITS structure


Example 2: Timeline and workflow to establish Swiss representation for an AIF* structure


Example 3: Timeline and workflow to obtain FINMA authorisation for the change of Swiss representative


Distribution of Foreign Investment Funds in Switzerland


Swiss distribution model 

The Swiss representative has the sole responsibility towards FINMA for naming a Swiss distributor. According to the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (SFAMA) guidelines on the distribution of collective investment schemes, the representative has to ensure that distributors are duly authorised by the National Regulator and can ensure proper business practice. 

The Distribution Agreements are based on the model Distribution Agreement of the SFAMA; they are adapted to each fund management company’s specific needs. The Agreements for distribution in Switzerland are negotiated by the representative on behalf of the Global Distributor (MIFID) or the fund management company. 

Our pricing model: set-up fees, annual fees and variable costs


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Carnegie Fund Services Ltd.

is authorised and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA.