General Distribution

Access to distribution platforms and distributors globally

Distribution of Foreign Investment Funds within and outside Switzerland 

We have been named “General Distributor” by some of our clients. In this respect, we have signed global distribution agreements with Julius Baer Group, Credit Suisse, Swisscanto and UBS in Switzerland, Moventum, Fund Channel and Attrax in Luxembourg, Allianz Global Investors in Germany and MFEX in Sweden. Other agreements are under negotiation. This additional service includes the contract negotiation with Swiss and European distributors and the calculation of the trailer fees each calendar quarter. 

Swiss distribution model 

The Swiss representative has the sole responsibility towards FINMA for naming a Swiss distributor. According to the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (SFAMA) guidelines on the distribution of collective investment schemes, the representative has to ensure that distributors are duly authorised by the National Regulator and can ensure proper business practice. 

The Distribution Agreements are based on the model Distribution Agreement of the SFAMA; they are adapted to each fund management company’s specific needs. The Agreements for distribution in Switzerland are negotiated by the representative on behalf of the Global Distributor (MIFID) or the fund management company. 

General Distribution and Distribution Platforms

Obligations of CFS towards the platform and individual distributors:

a) Provide share class data on all share classes of all funds under agreement with each distribution platform and in the specific format of the individual platforms. 

b) Provide the distribution platforms with all documents (including KIIDS) issued by the funds, and amended documents, each time they are reissued. 

c) Calculate and pay trailer fees (on an actual /actual basis) to the individual platforms, at the contractually agreed rates and in respect of the specific terms of business. 

CFS assumes the legal work for the funds, the platforms and the individual distributors. 

Our Pricing Model

Carnegie Fund Services Ltd.

is authorised and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA. 

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