Our responsibilities towards your fund

As a representative of foreign funds in Switzerland, it is our duty to ensure that all Swiss legal and regulatory obligations are fulfilled in a timely manner and at all times.

As a representative, we are committed to observing the statutory obligations to report, publish and inform. On the one hand, this means that we are obliged to have all relevant documents at our disposal, such as the prospectus and simplified prospectus, the articles of association or the fund contract, as well as the financial reports, in an official Swiss language. Investors and distributors can obtain these documents free of charge from us. On the other hand, we are obliged to inform the supervisory authority of modifications to these documents and to publish these modifications in the publication organs determined in the prospectus.

Our obligations towards the fund:

Our obligations as imposed by the Swiss authorities:

  • reporting to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and replying to its enquiries
  • reporting to the Swiss National Bank and replying to its enquiries

Our obligations as imposed by the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (SFAMA):

  • working with Swiss distributors ("know your distributor" policy)
  • undertaking initial due diligence of proposed distributors (selection)
  • negotiating distribution agreements based on a standard text that is pre-agreed with the fund
  • acting as co-signatory to all distribution agreements with the fund
  • monitoring distributors and addressing their enquiries on an ongoing basis

Our obligations towards investors:

  • replying to enquiries and requests from end investors
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