How to enter the Swiss market or improve your market position

We are available to help you design and review your business plan and operational project steps.

Each member of the investment fund market in Switzerland is endeavouring to establish a good market position. Each member is looking for a larger part of the market.

The following questions may serve as a starting point for our discussions:

  • What makes your fund stand out, and which other funds are in that market segment?
  • What is the most user-friendly manner of attracting interest to your fund?
  • How does your firm organise marketing, and is your manner adapted to the Swiss market?
  • What are the critical steps in getting into the market?
  • What are the obligatory steps to authorisation, and how best to achieve a time efficient entry to the market?
  • What are the critical steps of building more market share?

We would be available to assist in your planning process or the review of your marketing plan.