How to change representative for your fund

If you wish to change representative for your fund in Switzerland, we would be willing to discuss the service you are looking to receive. We would like to understand the motivation for the transfer of the representation obligations to CFS. Thereafter, we can fully assume the transfer.

TThe Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority has to authorise the transfer of the Swiss representative. This is done by the establishment of three documents - the representation agreement, the agreement on the terms of distribution and the paying agency agreement - and the modification of the Swiss prospectus. The name and address of the present Swiss representative has to be changed to our name and address. Likewise, the paying agent details need to be modified. The prospectus has to be signed by your present representative. Thereafter, we present the request to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. After the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority has granted authorisation for the change, a small press announcement has to be made in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce and the fund's chosen media for legal notices.

We like to plan the transfer of representative process with our clients from preparing the new representation agreement to foreseeing the conclusion of the first distribution agreements - a straight-through process that takes you from your present position and into the market. As the work is assumed and coordinated by CFS, we ensure that your objectives are achieved within a reasonable time frame, thus reducing your time to market.

We will provide you with "know your distributor" reports for both your compliance department and your marketing staff, based on our market radar database.

We will provide the fund marketing staff with a Swiss fund market overview and an assessment of the potential Swiss distributors.

We guarantee full cost transparency : our fees are set out in the representation agreement. We will invoice you on a quarterly basis and provide you with a detailed bill.

We will be available for discussions with your marketing, compliance, operational and legal officers.